2019 Spring Mini Tins

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A fresh start. A sweet treat. And something that’s right as rain. That’s what you’ll get in our MINI 2019 Spring Trio. Whether it’s an Easter gift, a pick-me-up, or something special for the season, you’re sure to find lots of fun in this year’s seasonal Thinking Putty assortment.

Fresh Grass Thinking Putty
Spring’s first blades, bright and green with promise—that’s the color we’ve captured in Fresh Grass Thinking Putty. Symbolic of the new start that the season brings, it features unique glitter that looks just like real grass!

Cheep! Cheep! Thinking Putty
Skip the sugar and sculpt your own sweet chick this year. We promise he won’t make a peep. Encrusted with bright yellow glitter, Cheep! Cheep! Thinking Putty makes a novel addition to any Easter Basket.

Spring Showers Thinking Putty
The showers may bring the flowers, but there’s also beauty in the rain! Spring Showers is a unique light blue Thinking Putty with sparkling crystalline glitter and deep blue shimmer—perfect for rainy day fun!

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