bucket hat in beepster

Wear it, share it... and then save it in your hope chest. Our heirloom quality hats just last & last & last. Sweet, sweet love.
The straps will be made from one of the two featured fabrics; we'll choose which.
the straps will be made from one of the two featured fabrics; we'll choose which.

a sleek, seamless design is the trademark of our brand-new line of budget-friendly bonnets. 

beep + hipster = beepster! do you drive one or wish you did (we do)! with the iconic beetle (who doesn't LOVE that image?!?!), this hip fabric is super-fun and great for your little girl or guy. it'll pass beautifully between siblings. like all of our hats, this one is reversible, machine washable and made to last 'till the next generation. handmade in USA.
as with all of our hats, please note that strap fabric will be one or the other of the two fabrics pictured, but we'll choose which one.  :-)

Looking for full-circle sun protection? Look NO FURTHER! Our bucket hats feature a big 'ole brim all the way around the hat!  This offers your little one sun protection even on the back of the neck, where other hats may not.  Perfect for pool and beach play, the Urban Baby Bucket will stay on (just like all of our other hats!) with the adjustable snap-strap.  And unlike most bucket hats, ours is reversible!  The snap straps pull through the hat so that you can strap it on snugly, while showing either side of the design.  

Like all of our hats, the buckets are made by hand right here in the USA by a talented team of work-at-home women.  They are fairly paid for their work, so you can feel good about supporting us with your purchase.  No sweatshops here! 

how do i know what size to order?
our bonnets come in 6 sizes.  our smallest size fits most newborns and our largest size fits most kids ages 4 and up-- and adults!  although we have made rough estimates as far as age of the child they'll fit, there is a very large range of head sizes within each age range.  this means that the best and most reliable way to size a bonnet for your darlin' guy or gal is to measure their head circumference.

how should i wash my bonnet?
although it's best to wash your bonnet by hand and line dry it (or dry it flat on top of your washer or dryer), you can toss it into the machine with your other wash and it'll do just fine. wash only using COLD WATER, and if you place the hat in the dryer, dry it on low. use a warm, cotton-setting, steam iron to press your bonnet if necessary. we like to dry out hats flat because it saves energy and they don't need to be pressed.  they'll have a softened, worn look as opposed to a crisp press, but that's what we (personally) prefer.  if you love the crisp press, just run a steam iron over the bonnet when it's slighlty damp or spritz it & press.  usually pressing the back of the bonnet and the brim will polish it up nicely.  make sure not to hit the little ribbon tag with your iron or it can melt.




*** Designed and handmade in Ohio, USA.

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