Fuggler - Funny Ugly Monster 3" Vinyl Figure

$ 10.00

Styles May Vary

Adopt a tiny monster with this Spin Master Fuggler vinyl figure. Standing at 3 inches tall, this vinyl figure brings homely charm to any collection with its bizarre claws, gangly limbs and realistic teeth. This Spin Master Fuggler vinyl figure is sure to creep out grownups with its signature BUTTonhole.

This figure is chosen at random

Order online for a surprise character, or stop by your local Best Buy store to make your selection.

Collect and play with your Fuggler

Adopt your own Fuggler vinyl figure, and unbox a small weirdo. With 16 figures to adopt, you can collect all kinds of toothy goons. But be warned: adopt at your own risk.

They've got teeth

Just like the Fugglers you've grown to tolerate, each Fuggler vinyl figure has a tiny mouth full of molars, incisors and bicuspids.

Signature BUTTonhole

Flip them around and you'll even find a BUTTonhole. You won't miss it. It's located exactly where it should be. Order this mischievous monster and you may accidentally adopt a rare Fuggler with a golden BUTTonhole and glow-in-the-dark teeth.

Recommended minimum age

Suitable for children ages 4 and up.

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