Mini Sweet Little Bear

$ 25.00

Much how dusty ore becomes gleaming metal, or how rich chicken becomes richer bullion, this Bear is the end-point of a meticulous process to concentrate love into seven little inches of squishy joy! 

Start off with the basic unit of love-related plush-exchange: the bear, plump and joyous. Add a shade of pink calibrated to make your heart melt. Stir in a heart, the preeminent, irreducible symbol of love. Then, if none of that gets the job done - not even the ruddy cheeks or the perfect round ears will do - there are wings! Wings, like a pudgy cherub singing songs of love from the heavens!

If this Sweet Little Bear were any more love-packed, we'd have to sell it with a warning! 7 squishy inches of weapons-grade wuv. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only.

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