Pixie Gnome Hat in Weekend NB-3m

$ 21.00 $ 42.00


Our Pixie Gnome Hats make the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. With patterns to suit boys and girls, and a timeless design that's decidedly gender-neutral, even Dad will love this hat!

Lined with Polartec® fleece and designed for full ear coverage, these hats are perfect for any winter weather, no matter how nasty Mother Nature might get! Wind, sleet, cold, snow... it's all easy if your little is wearing a Pixie Gnome hat. Well, maybe not EASY... but they certainly will stay warm and dry.

Like all of our other hats, they are reversible, machine washable, handmade in USA (in Ohio, to be exact), and feature our trademark adjustable snap strap that allows for a flexible and custom fit.

Our Pixie Gnome Hats come in 4 sizes, and are designed to last a good, long time. Our kid size, for example, will last from about 14 months to about 14 years! REALLY! Even mom and dad can get in on the fun, since we also offer these hats in a grown-up size!

We've found that kids love these hats! They're comfortable and warm, but best of all they have LOTS of imaginative play value. Similar to our wildThings ear hats in that they're as much fun as they are function, Pixie Gnome hats are a winter hat kids WANT to wear. So come on, join us. Join in the fun! And make sure to tag us in your photos!

*** Designed and handmade in Ohio, USA.

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