Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter

$ 28.00

4 exclusive Ghostbusters(TM)-Episodes for all ghost hunters on purchase of a ghostbusters(TM) item
- The Ghostbuster Zeddemore based on the cartoon series "The Real Ghostbusters".
- The Aqua Scooter can float and be upgraded with an underwater motor . It can seat one Ghostbusters figure and accessories like the proton pack, the proton wand, the PKE meter, and the ghost trap.
- With 2 shooting Ghostbusting tools.
- The octupus is made out of a special thermocrome plastic that changes color in different water temperatures. This heat-sensitive color change happens when the octopus reaches a temperature of 91°F. After the plastic cools down, the octopus will return to its original color. The octopus's colors change from red to bright yellow
- Some of the tentacles are equipped with grips so that they can grab or hold onto something.

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