Zum Bar Soap

 If you're good in this life, maybe you'll come back as a Zum Bar in your next life. This natural soap has the good stuff of goat's milk, 100% pure essential oils, veggie oils, herbs, natural glycerin and natural mineral pigments. But why? Well, it's better than stuff like tallow (beef fat) or PEG-6 methyl ether (a thickener) or tetrasodium EDTA (water softener) or lard (yeah, no explanation necessary).

The bad stuff in un-natural soap is obvious, but some wonderers wonder, "Why use goat's milk?" Well, there's an udder difference in the pH balance of goat's milk. Goat's milk makes our natural soap more akin to the skin than anything else - not too alkaline, not too acidic, but just right. So it doesn't dry skin or leave it feeling oily. 

We're hot on the cold-process saponification method. This maintains the integrity of the natural ingredients. As the vegetable oils are mixing they saponify and produces a super-moisturizing by-product called glycerin. Most soap companies remove the glycerin and sell it for extra profit. Not us. It's called glycerin not glycerout. That is one of the many secrets of how we make best best natural soap.

We load up our natural soap with massive amounts of pure essential oils (natural plant extracts that give the Zum Bar its fresh scent) so they are highly aromatherapeutic. With over 31 different scents you're bound to find one (or 31) you just can't live without!

You can use Zum Bar natural soap in your linen closets to keep your sheets and towels smelling fresh. Or store one in your car to give you a blast of aromatherapy every time you start your engine.

There's no wrong way to use a Zum Bar! Here are a few ideas to get creative with our all-natural soap:

- Tuck a Zum Bar under your clean folded sheets in the linen closet to make them smell dreamy. When you're ready to put them on your bed you'll have Zum Bars dancing in your dreams.

- Throw a Zum Bar in your unmentionables drawer. Your undies will thank you.

- Hide a Zum Bar in your car and drive around town with a fresh, natural lingering scent. It may get you out of a speeding ticket...Just ask Boo Boo.

- Place a Zum Bar or two with your clean folded towels to keep them smelling clean and fresh.

- The best way to use Zum Bar natural goat's milk soap is with a friend!

*Ingredients: Zum Bar goat's milk soap is made with the best all-natural ingredients: saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils in a goat's milk base with herbs and pure essential oils.

*Our super secret ingredient in our all-natural soap is the good juju we put in every bar!

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